Meditations: 11 Meditation Scripts for Healing and Transformation

Alisha Yoga
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This meditation script book features a collection of my most powerful meditation scripts for transformation, healing and deep relaxation. They include energy healing, breathwork, body scans, morning meditations and much more. 

All of these scripts are royalty-free, so are free to use them in your online and in-person classes, record them to sell, or publish your own recorded versions on YouTube. 

11 Powerful Meditation Scripts:

◆ Miracle Morning Meditation: Five Minutes to a More Productive, Joyful Day

◆ Loving Kindness Meditation

◆ Zen Meditation Inspired By Thich Nhat Hanh 

◆ Finding Calm in Chaos

◆ Beaming Light: Chakra Cleansing and Clearing

◆ Grounding Meditation: Connecting With the Earth 

◆ Full Body Scan: Amplify Your Awareness

◆ One Minuted to Calm 

◆ Breathwork and Chill

◆ The Healing Waterfall: Refresh and Renew

◆ Evening Gratitude Meditation

Happy Meditating ♥

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Meditation Script Book

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Meditations: 11 Meditation Scripts for Healing and Transformation

2 ratings
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